Vogue Designs (UK) Ltd. Planning, Design & Project Management Services/ Based in Nazeing, Essex. Serving all of London, Essex, Middlesex & Kent


Full planning permission appication services, we do the paperwork so you don't have to! Contact us for info.

CAD Designing

From initial ideas to official, scale-size, full technical drawings, Vogue can produce architect quality 'computer aided design'.

Project Managing

With a busy life, both at work and at home, most people don't have the time or knowledge to project manage, leave it to us!

Material Sourcing

Of course, you CAN spend endless hours researching and sourcing materials and appliances for your build, but so can we!

Fitting & Installing

There's no need to sweat the small stuff, from handles and locks to brackets & vents, we've got you covered!

Decorating & Finishing

A finished job is just that, no snagging and finishing the minor details, we'll have it ready for you to enjoy in good time!

User Friendly

Free Consultation

Rest assured, we'll have a 'no obligation' informal 'chat' before any money is discussed, your thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

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Free Quotation

When an undersatnding of your thoughts & ideas are liased, we can offer an initial, no boligation, free quotation for you.

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All Budgets Respected

We believe in fully respecting our customers' budget from day one, wether it's in the commercial or residential sector.

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Call Vogue Designs (UK) Ltd. 01992 660 190 or Email: info@voguedesignsltd.co.uk

Providing local, affordable, reliable home improvement solutions --- London, Herts, Essex, Middlesex & Kent